4th Learning and Development Leadership Summit India 2018

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Ballistic Learning Pvt. Ltd. is a leading L&D technology services company specialized in providing integrated learning and talent management solutions based on open source technologies. A Moodle™ Certified Services Partner since 2006, BL has a reputation of delivering scalable, cost-effective open-source solutions in the corporate/enterprise domains, tailored to client needs.

Since 2003, Ballistic Learning has served over 300 clients, including Fortune 500 entities such as Intel, Vodafone, Cisco, Concentrix, Informatica, Pearson Education, Wolters-Kluwer and Rich’s Product Corporation. The cumulative experience of solving critical problems has enabled BL to shrink design and implementation timelines, and yet deliver solutions which are in perfect alignment with enterprise quality benchmarks.

BL services include:
  • E-Learning Consulting 
  • L&D Digitization 
  • LMS Deployment 
  • Enterprise Integration 
  • Managed Hosting
  • Content Authoring & Conversion
  • Support & Training
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The Art of Living Corporate Programs are specially customised to meet client needs, including those specifically pertaining to different levels of an organisation - top leadership teams, middle management, junior executives, blue collar employees, etc. Our programs help sharpen subtle inner faculties and intelligence, fostering innovation, an improved work culture and accelerated performance.

Investing in minds and de-stress programs results in a serene yet dynamic workplace, paving the way for organisational excellence.

  • Self Mastery
  • Unleashing the Power of the Mind
  • Enhanced Energy & Creativity
  • The Sudarshan Kriya- A patented, powerful Breathing Technique unique to The Art of Living offerings
  • Effective Communication Skills & Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Keys to Inspiration & Sustainability

Disprz is an enterprise knowledge and enablement platform that creates a culture of continuous professional development by bridging the gap between learning and working.

Disprz’s state-of-the-art mobile-first, cloud and AI-powered platform, creates tangible business impact through 3 themes:
  1. Continuous skill enhancement: Every role in your organisation is broken into on-the-job competencies, around which professional development can be delivered continuously in several flavours - mobile micro-learning, live virtual coaching / mentoring as well as through content from leading MOOCs like Udemy and edX.
  2. AI-driven team management: Through Disprz, managers directly provide professional development input to their reportees on-the-job. Disprz’s AI-driven tools that are embedded in daily chat conversations, social knowledge feeds enable managers to micro-appraise and provide learning recommendations on a daily basis.
  3. Knowledge linked with Impact Analytics: Disprz’s analytics suite tracks achievement data from CRMs and PMS systems and correlates it with learning assessment data, employee mood and daily performance gleaned from chat-based interactions, to provide actionable learning recommendations to individual users as well as aggregate skill gap insights to managers and functional leaders.
Disprz has helped enterprises in India across sectors move to the knowledge economy, with clients like Mahindra, Naspers, Britannia, Mondelez, Delhivery, Thyrocare and several other organisations across Middle East and South East Asia, embracing Disprz for specific functional academies, for distributed blue / grey collar workforce or their entire organisations.
Gamified Learning Partner

d’frens (pronounced: difference | 'dif(ə)rəns|) was founded in 2005 to address the growing need for “people engagement”. By focusing on the experiential rather than theory, d’frens has been able to address business simulations for leadership, gamified learning, team building needs, employee engagement, internal communication and any people engagement requirements. This approach has also enabled d’frens to create and deliver learning, motivation and communication through the most innovative solutions that have measurable impact, effective outcomes and high retention of content and learning.

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Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn.
This famous quote from Benjamin Franklin encapsulates the essence of Catalyst. Catalyst is a Learning and Development Organization with the mission of making learning fun and sticky for all learners. To enable this, we at Catalyst use various experiential formats in our trainings and assessments.

  • Flexible, tactile learning materials and kits (licensed from MTa Learning, UK) helps us create short learning games and stories targeting 55 different skills including communication, team building, problem solving, leadership, decision making and many more.
  • Board game based learning workshops (internally created and also licensed from Paradigm Learning, USA) help us create day long engaging formats on leadership and business acumen.
We support our interventions through continuous online pre and post interventions to track the learning journey for each participant and for the group as a whole. Organizations like Pepsi, GSK, Mearsk, HSBC, NTPC, Times Group and many more have had impactful and fun sessions with us.

Procurement & Supply Chain Academy was founded in 2008 to address the growing skills gap of the procurement function with global best practices. It offers 2nd generation e-learning courses and simulations to cover the entire needs of procurement and supply chain departments. It is the first provider in the world to develop a disruptive competence model for role-based learning. It helps 15.000 learners in 100 countries spanning across 150 plus blue chip global corporations to train and retain their procurement and supply chain function with global best practices and e-learning that is 100% measurable and offers analytics based ROI.

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Inventicon stands for Industries + Events + Ideas + Concepts. Inventicon Business Intelligence is the end result of a decade long effort by the founders in the space of business information. We develop sector focused informational conferences and training workshops. Our conferences revolve around current scenarios and opportunities in the global market place and provide timely opportunities for solution providers to meet their target market and for end users to take back key learning and experiences. Our events act as a point of convergence for senior industry professionals who strive for innovation, strategy and commercial drive. Delegates can expect to hear from industry's best practitioners, get in direct contact with regulators and stimulate high level discussions with peers. The training portfolio is dedicated to developing skill sets around complex workplace and functional issues as they need constant honing. Our in-house training offerings are particularly useful for companies who prefer a customized agenda.

The bespoke events portfolio aims at crisp round table discussions involving a targeted group of end users in a multi-city format. In true sense, we aspire to disseminate critical business intelligence to the rapidly growing corporate and institutional world in the country and not limited to a specific sector.