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We live in the age of unprecedented change, where disruptive trends are common and are affecting the organizations and therefore L&D roles and skills are evolving in order to survive in this VUCA world, rising towards being adaptive and ambidextrous. In order to thrive as an L&D professional we need to adapt and evolve to the changing context of work.

Following the tremendous success of 5th L&D Summit, which welcomed over 150+ attendees for two days of high level discussions and networking, empowering them with the new ideas and techniques which they carried back to their teams and the business they support, we bring to you the 7th edition of Learning & Development Leadership Summit 2020.

The latest edition will bring together professionals across various industries to share and showcase how to further enhance the L&D function through effective coaching, building an ideal work culture, measuring data to make better decisions and using state of the art technology to up the learning game.

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  • Fireside chat - Transforming your L&D organization & driving forward the L&D journey
  • The Bionic CLO: Using Technology and Data to Make L&D Better, Stronger, Faster
  • Panel Discussion: Developing leaders for a digital economy
  • Uplifting organizational capability with L&D tools
  • Panel Discussion: How to use learning & performance management as the catalyst for talent retention
7th Learning and Development Leadership Summit is India's most relevant and top level conference for learning and development professionals across industries.


  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Chief Leadership Development Officer
  • Chief Talent Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Head - Talent Acquisition & Management
  • Head - Organizational Development

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